"Wild Turkey Chase," Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, Thursday 11/27/2008

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Event Update - Tuesday, Tuesday November 25th

I'm going to nickname this event Mapsterpiece Theater for several reasons:

1. This, my fourth map, is my favorite one that I've done of my six maps so far, hence Mapsterpiece
The event is staged from an amphitheater.
3. The "Wild Turkey Chase" and bingo courses are designed and staged to maximize excitement for participants and spectators - with the 4 loop chase, the first 3 maps for everybody will be jumbled up, and on the first leg of each map you can get the first two checkpoints in either order. You'll see a lot of bodies going different directions to the many checkpoint bags strewn about the park.

Although the current forecast is for no rain on Thursday, we will hold this event in whatever weather. I'm expecting it to be good. The views and setting are lovely always.

The Terrain

The terrain consists mostly of expansive views of the Port of Oakland, the bay and San Francisco inside a small, beautifully landscaped park with a few picnic sites, grassy expanses, a dense pathway network, and lots of monuments and points of interest.

The Map

Another ISSOM 2007 sprint standard map, this is being printed at a 1:2500 scale, which makes it take up a whole 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of paper. Because the area is basically flat, there are no contours. Dashed brown form lines indicate landform features - mostly man-made hills.

Course Statistics

All courses are designed to be walked, jogged, or run by anybody of any age. Fun for everyone!

10:00 mass start "Wild Turkey Chase"
1. Loop A - 0.7 km, 5 checkpoints, 5 m climb
2. Loop B - 0.8 km, 5 checkpoints, 5 m climb
3. Loop C - 0.6 km, 5 checkpoints, 5 m climb
4. Loop D - 0.6 km, 5 checkpoints, 5 m climb
Total for the Wild Turkey Chase - 2.7 km, 20 checkpoints, 20 m climb

11:00 mass start "Bingo" and "Super Bingo": Up to 1.8 km, up to 24 checkpoints, up to 20 m climb

How to Enjoy Your Courses, and Strategies

Note - about 4 "dummy" checkpoint bags will be hanging in the park that belong to none of the courses. Just to make you think.

"Wild Turkey Chase" - concentrate! Know where you are on your map and what you want to do. Rather than deliberate about which control to go to first on each loop, pick one and go with it.

"Bingo" - there are 2 strategies. One is get 'em all - that's called "Super Bingo" - it's like a massive Score-O in a little park.

The other strategy is to get merely 5 across, down, or diagonal on your punch card (there's a free space in the middle) - and involves more luck - these results will be posted in a separate category from "Super Bingo."

Hazards and Such

You will be disqualified for going through any landscaped areas with mulch and planted vegetation - even the stuff that looks crossable and you wouldn't think you would hurt it. The park staff require this, and it's a park rule as well. I've clearly marked these areas on the map with olive green coloring.

One leg goes through a parking lot on a marked path. Watch for cars.

Be nice to the control stands and don't knock them over.

There are not too many dangerous things, people, animals, or plants in this park, so take your usual precautions. There's a lot of goose poop in the grass in places.

Gear Up

Dress for speed and ease of movement - the only thing that might prompt you to add layers would be how the weather feels that morning. Personally, I'd wear a t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes while doing the course, then add some layers when I'm done.

Refreshments and Prizes

Water and bananas will provide refreshments, plus I have some holiday cookies to share.

The prize box returns for the Wild Turkey Chase, and certificates will be given out to males and females for juniors, open, and senior 50+ categories. Both bingo courses use an open class and one certificate will be given each for Super Bingo and regular Bingo.

Original Event Announcement and Information

This event will happen rain or shine! An update and complete details will be posted the week before the event.

The huge white cranes lurk over Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in the Port of Oakland. This fun Thanksgiving event features two map navigation walk / jog / run activities in an open, feature-packed park on the bay with stunning views of San Francisco.


09:00 Free Instruction Clinic - a primer on navigating with a map, we'll walk a short example course together with maps. Starts promptly at 9:00!
09:30 Registration open - if you're reregistered, all you have to do is sign the waiver (and verify your information.)
10:00 Wild Turkey Chase mass start - a 3 km course with 4 short loops (a "mottle") This will be lots of fun, as different people will have different starting loops! Everyone will get the same last loop. Go any pace you like, jog or hike. Several Thanksgiving surprises are in store as well.
11:00 Bingo mass start - likely a 2 km course - the same checkpoints as the chase, with 4 more thrown in... ALL CHECKPOINTS will be RENUMBERED... and you will receive bingo cards with the checkpoint numbers, and a new map with all 24 checkpoints shown. How do you get bingo? Punch your card at each checkpoint you visit - when you get 5 in a row, you have bingo! Or, get all 24 and return with "super-bingo!"
12:00 Bingo course closes - please return to the finish by noon!
12:00 Hospitality - you're welcome to stay and socialize informally, some treats and refreshments will be provided. Certificates will be awarded to the top finishers in gender and age classes for the chase, and I'm working on some fun prizes for the bingo course.

Cost: $10 adults, $5 juniors for both activities.


Registration will be at the amphitheater, unless it rains. If there's rain, registration will be under the canopy of the building housing the bathrooms, on the opposite side of the building from the bathroom entrances, facing the parking lot.

On the park map, scroll down and you'll see the amphitheater labeled, and the bathrooms just to the northwest of it. If possible, park in the lot to the south of the USS Oakland Mast.

From San Francisco:
Take I-80 east (Bay Bridge/Oakland) to I-880 south toward Alameda/Airport/San Jose. Exit onto West Grand Ave./Maritime Street. Continue straight, then turn right onto Maritime Street. At the BART tracks, turn right onto 7th Street. Continue straight on 7th Street to the stoplight at Middle Harbor Road. Proceed through the intersection and take the first right turn into the MISHAP parking lot.

From the East Bay:
Take Hwy. 24 west to I-980 west, towards Oakland. Exit at the 11th/12th Street off-ramp onto Brush Street. Continue straight, and turn right (northwest) at 7th Street. Continue straight on 7th Street and past Maritime Street to the stoplight at Middle Harbor Road. Proceed through the intersection and take the first right turn into the MISHAP parking lot.

From the South Bay:
Take I-880 north towards Oakland. Take the 7th Street exit towards West Grand Ave. Turn left onto 7th Street. Follow 7th Street, heading west, past Maritime Street. Continue straight on 7th Street to the stoplight at Middle Harbor Road. Proceed through the intersection and take the first right turn into the MISHAP parking lot.

From the North Bay:
Take I-80 west to I-880 south towards Alameda/Airport/San Jose. Exit at 7th Street/West Grand Ave. Continue straight, through the light and along the frontage road to the light at 7th Street. Turn right onto 7th Street, heading west, past Maritime Street. Continue straight on 7th Street to the stoplight at Middle Harbor Road. Proceed through the intersection and take the first right into the MISHAP parking lot.

Event Contact: Rex, 5 1 0 - 6 8 1 - 6 1 8 1, rex@terraloco.com

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park web page, East Bay Regional Parks District