Course Setting and Map Navigation Training, Lakeside Park, Sunday 1/4/2009

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This event will happen rain or shine! An update and complete details will be posted the week before the event.

Update, 12/29/2008 - Original Announcement follows

We have a cozy room reserved inside the Lakeside Park Garden Center building for all participants - this will be the staging area for the training courses and the course setting workshop. Refreshments will be provided. I hope this update will be helpful with your decision making and planning if you're interested in coming.

I'm excited about both parts of this event. The course setting workshop will do wonders for your orienteering and navigation skills - you'll be able to pick apart courses better. Don't be intimidated about setting courses - this is a safe place to try it out. Then apply your skills at informal training sessions put on by BAOC or terraloco in coming weekends and the weekdays too (when they days get longer again.) If that's too much trouble for you today, don't hesitate to come out only for the training courses.

The Course Setter's Notes from the August BAOC event apply to this one as well (except for the mountain bike stuff!)

Top 5 Reasons to do the training courses - 10:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. - $12 adults / $7 students and juniors / $2 discount with online registration

1. You get to test the latest course designs, fresh from the course setting workshop!
2. Lakeside Park is an interesting, fun place to run and navigate - feature-filled, flat, and free of vastly nasty vegetation
3. Enjoy the community of participants - train in pairs or small groups, socialize
4. You can also do the White and Yellow/Sprint courses that you missed in the August event
5. You signed up for the course setting workshop, so there's no additional cost

Top 5 Reasons to do the course setting workshop - 9:00 A.M. until 10:00 A.M. - $25 adults / $10 students and juniors - register online by Thursday night

1. There are plenty of activities and small group discussions mixed with the presentation - you remember best what you do!
2. Lots and lots of free maps! You need examples to analyze, and blank maps for designing.
3. Interesting content! Experienced course setters should find the presentation provocative.
4. Accessible content! Inexperienced course setters should find the presentation easy to understand.
5. Work in small groups and teams and learn from each other.

Course Setting Workshop Outline
(you will get a slide packet where you can add notes, worksheets, and plenty of maps!)

1. Warmup - Vocabulary game
2. What makes an enjoyable course? - Brainstorm
3. Know your Map and Terrain - View map samples
4. Designing your Course - It's about the legs, not the controls - Design a Long Leg activity
5. Variety is the Spice of Life - How to vary course legs interestingly - Ranking courses activity
6. Choosing Control Sites - No buried treasure! - Find the poor control sites game
7. Start and Finish - Logistics are important - Selection activity
8. Tips - Various "best practices" - Sharing / Discussion
9. Difficulty Levels - Characteristics of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses - Sketch and share courses
10. Fun formats - Sprint, Score, Motala, "Goat"; Butterfly, Skip, "Window"
11. What were the top 3 things you learned today? And any comments...
12. In teams, design a Motala course (each person responsible for a separate loop), make master maps, and mark courses with streamers, including Start and Finish locations

This might seem like a lot for an hour, but I'll keep things brief and punchy. You'll get to take all materials with you, and there are references for further investigation.

Original Announcement

Lakeside Park sports a variety of areas and features in a world-class urban park - great Park-O! This special event occurs in two phases - a course setting workshop and a training session using courses from the August event and courses developed by participants in the workshop. All courses will be streamered or set with small colored pin flags rather than using regular control bags. You may do either or both parts of the event.

skip to Courses below if you're just interested in the training and not the course setting workshop...

Why do a Course Setting Workshop?

Not just for learning and practicing course setting! For training. It makes you a better orienteer. Understand course setting, and you can apply those insights on a course. Ever get the feeling, "Oh, I know what they're trying to do" on the course?

This workshop is for novice course setters and veterans and all in between. It'll be fun because you'll be in groups, have a variety of people to work with, and I promise lots of engaging activities. And if you want to set courses for future events, that's up to you.

Workshop Information

All participants will receive a packet of slide printouts which match the presentation on course setting. You'll also get multiple copies of the Lakeside map. The presentation will be interactive - it will be interrupted at times for participants to discuss issues of course design at their tables, and there will be a few course design exercises to do in the packet. So don't expect to be lectured at for too long - I'll make my points briefly, then give you an immediate opportunity to work with the knowledge. After the instruction session, participants will have the opportunity to design courses on the Lakeside map, share them with each other for feedback, and even take a bunch of pin flags or some streamers and go out and set the course. You are encouraged to do this - because, in addition to the workshop attendees, other people will be showing up to train on them, and they can give you valuable feedback on your designs. You may wish to design and set with a partner or team. Preregistration online is mandatory for all workshop participants! Limit 40 workshop participants.

Workshop Topics: course design principles, leg variety, route choice, appropriate difficulty - White, Yellow, Orange, Advanced, common pitfalls, control placement, control feature selection, and course setting for Sprints (the principles involved are very useful for adding variety to regular courses!)

Courses - Preliminary Information

1. White - from August, practice basic navigation skills, 10 checkpoints, 1.4 km distance
2. Yellow - from August, practice route choice, 17 checkpoints, 2.9 km distance
3, 4, 5... TBD - enjoy courses set by participants in the training workshop! You'll have to hand copy them onto your maps. You probably won't have time to do them all, so pick and choose!


08:00 (optionalWhite and Yellow maps available to do those courses before critiquing them in the workshop.
09:00 Workshop registration open (this is when the building opens too!)
09:15 Workshop begins
10:00 Workshop ends, course design session begins
10:00 Training registration open, White and Yellow courses available
11:00 (or earlierTraining courses by workshop participants available
12:45 All courses close
01:00 Building closes! Course setters: pick up your streamers and pin flags!


Training only - 10:00 A.M.: $12 adults, $7 juniors and students for any and all courses; $2 discount for registering online (no commitment to show.)
Workshop and Training - 9:00 A.M.: $25 adults, $10 juniors and students, preregistration online mandatory! Limit 40 for the workshop.

Staging Area:

Lakeside Park Garden Center building, in the Garden Room.


Take Interstate 580 to Oakland.

From Interstate 580 going east, exit at Grand Ave. Turn right, and drive about 0.6 miles to Bellevue Ave. and find parking.

From Interstate 580 going west, exit at Grand Ave. This exit loops around, so you actually turn right on Grand Ave. Drive about 0.7 miles to Bellevue Ave. and find parking.

Park for free on Grand Ave. or in the neighborhoods. If you want to park by the building we are using, the Garden Center, pay $3 at the kiosk to enter Lakeside Park at Bellevue Ave.

To get to the Garden Center from Grand Ave. and Bellevue Ave., walk down Bellevue about 200 yards, past the lawn bowling greens and building, then the Garden Center is the next building on your left.

Public Transit

AC Transit bus lines NL and 12 stop on Grand near Bellevue. Line 57 stops at Grand and MacArthur if you're willing to walk 0.6 miles. If you take BART to 19th St. Oakland, you can catch the NL, or catch the 57 from MacArthur BART. Or to walk from 19th St. BART, head up Broadway to Grand Ave. (near where 24th St. would be), turn right on Grand, and walk about 1/2 mile to Bellevue.

Walk on Bellevue into Lakeside Park about 200 yards, past the lawn bowling greens, and the Garden Center is the next building on your left.

Event Contact: Rex, 5 1 0 - 6 8 1 - 6 1 8 1,

Lakeside Park web page, City of Oakland