Egg Hunt, Miller Knox Regional Shoreline, Saturday 4/11/2009

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Event Update - 4/10/2009

Enjoy the fun, flat, and fast courses around the lagoon! We'll be gathering, registering, starting, and finishing at the Lagoon View picnic area; see the updated directions at the end of this page.

For recreational participants, you will receive a map with all the courses, and you can pick and choose what you want to do and when. You will get a start time for your course, and please check in at the finish when you are done. You may have your time recorded for the results for the Trailer course or the Tour de Knox, which is 3 courses put together: it includes the Trailer and the North and South course. The Egg Hunt is purely for fun - no punches - just get a candy from each location. No age restrictions on it either!

For competitive Egg Dash participants, please be registered by 9:45. You can register as early as 9:00 to run the seeding course. The seeding course is the Egg Hunt, which is very short - 400 meters only. Pair up with someone and take turns - one person runs the course, the other records the time. Write the times on my chart, and then I will draw up the brackets for the sprint tournament, which consists of the same courses as the "Tour de Knox," the twist being that you have a mini-mass start for each course - groups of 4 for the first, 4 for the second, and then pairs for the third and final course. We won't dilly dally too much between rounds, and the tournament will start promptly at 10:00. We should be done in advance of the awards and prizes presentation at 11:30.

All the courses are very flat, with minimal ups and downs... you won't lose your breath going up any hills. The Egg Hunt is 0.4 km; the Trailer 1.5 km; the North course is 1.8 km; the South course is 1.5 km - grand total 5.2 km for all four courses. Navigation is straightforward and basic yet entertaining on the Egg Hunt and Trailer courses. The North and South courses emphasize intermediate and "sprint" techniques and venture into the "wilderness" patches which have broken ground, patches of thick, brushy vegetation, and rare, easily avoidable bits of poison oak. While it's nice and easy running around the grassy areas by the lagoon, you need to watch your footing in the "wilderness" patches because the grass is tall and the ground is often uneven or slightly rocky. Also, avoid running into people who are out enjoying the park, and especially avoid the picnic areas, which are clearly marked with special symbols on the map. And don't go into the out-of-bounds areas, marked on the map and fenced off with signs.

Speaking of the map, it's brand new, 1:5000, drawn to the 2007 ISSOM standard, and fairly detailed.

We'll have plenty of water, oranges, bananas, and a few other goodies to refuel you.

You can register online until 6:00 this evening and still get the online discount (the deadline was originally advertised to be Thursday.)

Original Announcement

This event will happen rain or shine! An update and complete details will be posted the week before the event.

Miller Knox is a new venue, I believe, for practicing the arts of navigation; a new map will be made at a 1:5000 scale, drawn to the 2007 ISSOM standard.

There's a lagoon, some picnic areas, the bay, and some hills - not too much forest, but open hillsides with thicker vegetation marbled in, making for some interesting route propositions. Like Pt. Pinole, with a few steeper hills, and a flatter area around the lagoon.

The offerings - your registration fee covers any of the courses you want to do:

1. The Tour de Knox - about 5 km total

A 3 to 4 loop course taking you on several jaunts around the park - features off trail exploration.

2. The Trailer - about 2 km

A good beginner's course, or a fun second course.

3. The Egg Hunt - less than 1 km

Find the eggs, and collect the treasures. Fun for all ages.

4. The Egg Dash - about 5 km total

A little sprint tournament - counts for the BAOC and North American sprint series. Good training for the sprint finals and champs, as the format will be similar. A prologue for seeding folks into groups of 8, then 3 rounds to sort out each bracket. Round 1 and 2 will feature mini-mass starts of 4 each, then Round 3 is "head to head." Prizes and certificates for the male and female winners in different age classes.

For series scoring, be warned that points will be awarded according to cumulative time! So while it may be to your advantage to "sandbag" some of the rounds to conserve energy for the end of the tournament, that may result in you receiving less points than some people you finish above in the tournament standings.


09:00 Registration open, starts available
10:00 "Egg Dash" tournament begins (be registered by 9:45)
11:00 Last start, all other courses
11:30 Awards ceremony
12:00 Courses close


any courses (except "Egg Dash")

Egg Dash and any others

preregister online by Thursday, April 9

$10 adults / $5 juniors

$15 adults / $5 juniors

register day of or Friday

$12 adults / $7 juniors

$20 adults / $7 juniors


From I-580 West in Richmond, exit at Canal Boulevard. Turn left at the light onto Canal.

From I-580 East (coming from the bridge), exit at Canal Boulevard. Turn right at the light onto Canal.

Going on Canal, turn right at the light onto W. Cutting Bl., then left at the stop sign onto Garrard Bl. Proceed through the auto tunnel; Garrard becomes Dornan Drive on the south side of the auto tunnel. You will pass Western Dr. immediately after exiting the tunnel, then the park entrance will be your very next right turn; park as close to that entrance as possible, because the pathway to our reserved Lagoon View picnic site is the first one you will pass in the parking lot.

Public Transit:

From the Richmond BART station, take AC Transit bus 72M towards Point Richmond, and get off at South Garrard Blvd. / Dornan Dr. & Railroad Ave. / E. Richmond Ave. - this stop happens to be at Judge G. Carroll Park. Walk on Dornan Drive south towards the bay - you must go through a tunnel - once you're out of the tunnel, follow the "driving directions" in the preceding section.

The 72M bus runs every 30 minutes on Saturdays. It's about a 10 minute bus ride to the stop where you start walking toward the park. Schedules are available at and

Event Contact: Rex, 5 1 0 - 6 8 1 - 6 1 8 1,

Miller Knox Regional Shoreline web page, East Bay Regional Parks District