Old Oakland Orientouring 6/14/2009

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A fine morning with virtually empty streets allowed us to explore the nooks and crannies of Old Oakland with a new 1:5000 map. Bruce Wolfe found that he visited some unfamiliar places - and Bruce knows this place so well he had answers to half the checkpoint questions before he started (in spite of my attempt to design hometown knowledge out of the quiz.) He also almost had the fastest time, and promises he went to each place! Sadly, this will be Blas and Ana's final local event before they move back to Spain. We'll miss you! Thanks to Mark Blair for helping me lug stuff back to the car.

I apologize for not having the awards certificates finished for the event; the map took priority, I'll be getting certificates to the following 2009 Old Oakland Orientouring champions:

Family: Deron & Nick Van Hoff
Masters Women: Judy Koehler
Masters Men: Bruce Wolfe
Women: Ana Herreros
Men: Blas Lopez

I entered my ideal route at Gmap Pedometer's website:


Somehow it messed up on the beginning - it doesn't have me starting in the start triangle, but the extra distance on the first segment doesn't really make much of a difference. What counts is that you can see the order and route I went to the controls when testing the course. My distance is 3.74 miles, minus a little bit. How does yours compare? If you enter yours, and share it with me, I"ll post a link, and send a message out when they've all come in so you can compare and see.


20 checkpoints

Blas Lopez 30:05
Bruce Wolfe 30:08
Ben Legg 31:21
Mark Blair 49:13
Deron & Nick Van Hoff 50:36
Ana Herreros 58:40
Jim Fish 62:13
Joe & Sandy Leonard 79:40
Scott & Kelly Sawyer 88:53

19 checkpoints

Jeff Lanam 50:13

15 checkpoints

Judy Koehler 57:40
Lyubov Solomakha 64:16

14 checkpoints

Joe & Jean Van Hoff 52:53

Choose Your Own Adventure

Blas, Deron, Bruce, Mark, and Jim participated; when I changed checkpoint numbers for map printing, I forgot to update the checkpoint numbers for this course, so the results were different than I thought they would be. Blas finished in 11 minutes, Deron 13, Bruce 15, and Mark 17. It was supposed to be 2.2 km to 2.7 km depending on your choices.