Map Navigation Training, Lake Elizabeth Park, Fremont, Thursday 7/9/2009

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Event Update 7/3/2009 - Changes to the Format! An "Urban Goat!"

I thought I could do some more with the terrain than a sprint course, so I decided to try and apply the "urban goat" concept I'll be using in terraloco's showcase summer events at Crown Beach and Lakeside. (the Merritt College event will be a motala, which is also a fun course variation.) Why not give you the opportunity to train for those upcoming events by offering an opportunity to practice the format?

"Goat" courses are mass start courses with many twists to keep them interesting. They're good for making use of areas where the map is easier to read. At Lake Elizabeth, you can expect getting practice with your route choice skills, and the butterfly loop early on is a little slice of a sprint. (The butterfly loop is a section which splits the pack in two - half run loop A and half run loop B, then each pack does the opposite loop next.) You get to skip a checkpoint, and there are a few good options for that, possibly one early on. There will also be a window section where you take the checkpoints in any order (like a score course.) And, towards the end, there's a fork - for checkpoint #18, you can visit either of two choices. And of the 20 controls, which one can you skip? Any except the ones in the butterfly loop.

The checkpoints will be marked with small "pin flags" that stick into the ground like little stakes. No punching. Just tap the flag as you breeze by. For those interested in reporting your times, you're on your honor about following the rules!

Statistics (without factoring in a skip, or the difference between the checkpoint 18 choices in the fork)

1. Urban Goat: 20 checkpoints, 5.8 km, insignificant climb
2. "Kid" Goat: 16 checkpoints, 4.3 km, insignificant climb

Scheduling / Timing

You don't have to do the mass start! You may start earlier or later, 6:00 until about 7:30. If you want to get the feel of a small pack, then show up and be ready to go by 7:00 P.M. We will hold a mass start at that time for those interested.


Shorts and running shoes will be fine. If you take a sub-optimal route on one leg of the full, 5.8 km, 20 checkpoint Urban Goat course, you might cross a field of pretty bad weeds. I don't recommend that.

Original Announcement:

Practice your quick decision making and control checkpoint picking with a sprint course; more training opportunities will be available with the maps. Courses open 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M., cost is $5, social option to follow nearby.


From I-880, exit at Stevenson Blvd and head East (toward the hills). Turn right on Paseo Padre Pkwy, and immediately get in the left-hand lane. Turn left into the first park entrance on Sailway Dr. Park in the first lot on the left.

From the Peninsula, cross the bay on the San Mateo or Dumbarton bridge, and head south on I-880. Then follow the directions above.

From I-680, exit at Washington Blvd and turn left onto Washington. Turn left onto Paseo Padre Pkwy, and stay on it until you see the park on your right. Turn right onto Sailway Dr, and park in the first lot on the left.

Public Transit:

Walking from the Fremont BART station: Turn left onto Civic Center Drive and walk to Stevenson Blvd. Cross Stevenson, turn right, and walk along Stevenson towards Paseo Padre Pkwy. Turn left onto Paseo Padre, and left onto Sailway Dr. Registration is near the parking lot on the left.

Lake Elizabeth web page, City of Fremont.

Event Contact: Rex, 5 1 0 - 6 8 1 - 6 1 8 1,