Merritt College Medley 7/19/2009

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Hotter than expected! It felt hotter than the actual temperature readings. Finishers tended to laze around in the sun. Although there wasn't a huge mass start, Tapio and Steve managed to finish nearly simultaneously with a heated chase on the last two loops. Really, the more the merrier with this fun format... hopefully next time we'll draw more out here for the annual motala. It's a lovely campus for it, and participants enjoyed the back and forth and ups and downs and quick pace of the course.

Congratulations to the champs - Men's: Tapio Karras. Women's: Penny DeMoss. Men's Masters: Steve Gregg. Women's Masters: Judy Koehler. Junior Girls: Anonymous.

Thanks to Steve Harrison, Steve Haas and David von Holder for help early with setup. Rosemary Johnson helped do finishes for a while. Dennis Wilkinson, Wes Erck, Jukka Karras, and Jeff Dickert picked up control bags.

Of note: 4 Steves and a Stefano showed up. Go team Steve!



1. Tapio Karras 27:20
2. Steve Gregg 27:24
3. Dennis Wilkinson 27:41
4. Steve Harrison 32:55
5. Penny DeMoss 36:24
6. Jason Lorenz 37:10
7. Mark Blair 37:12
8. Gary Kraght 37:56
9. David von Holder 40:30
10. Kent Hetherwick 41:29
11. Steve Haas 41:29
12. Stefano Cardinale 45:14
13. Jeff Dickert 47:18
14. Vicki Woolworth 50:00
15. Jim Fish 55:00
16. Steve Beuerman 57:40
17. Paul and Kathy Li 61:18
18. Pov Seng and Thomas Gourley 61:27
19. Harold DeMoss 62:38
20. Judy Koehler 69:48
21. Anonymous 69:48
22. Nancy Lindeman 72:18


1. Anonymous 27:48