Map Navigation Training, Old Oakland, Wednesday 7/22/2009

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Event Update, 7/20/2009:

We have a venue: The Pacific Coast Brewing Company, 906 Washington St., between 9th and 10th. Look for me inside... I'll hang one of those orange and white bags to help you find me in there. You can go as early as 6:00, and I recommend being back by 8:00. You can stay and socialize after your return as long as you want. Although it is a bar, we can accommodate juniors as participants in the orienteering activity, just not in the socializing afterwards. The food is typical pub fare.

There are 2 new courses, and you can also run the "old" one from June 14th (albeit with a different "start triangle," unless you purposefully navigate to it.) The June 14th course is about 5.5 km in length, 20 controls, and it took just half an hour for some to finish, but that was with less traffic. There shouldn't be a whole lot of traffic on the north side of Broadway after 6 though, yet not quite as dead as a Sunday morning. Exercise caution when crossing streets, put that map aside!

The new courses do not have "questions and answers" like the "old" course. The new format is "photo" - snap a digital picture of whatever's in the circle. You may do either course without a camera, of course - this is training! It will be fun to see how "photo punching" works for whoever does it. You could even try photo punching the June 14 course if you like, instead of doing the question and answers! I put 8 new checkpoints - the same ones - on each new course. The 3.3 km version has a specific order for visiting the checkpoints marked on the map, giving you some interesting longer legs; the other version lets you take them in any order, the most efficient being about 2.4 km. The 8 wonders of the world of Old Oakland, if you will. Perhaps not the definitive 8 wonders, but definitely 8 interesting locations with subjects to photography either quickly or artistically...

For the rest of the info, refer to the original announcement, except the part about "a meeting site is being determined!"

Original Announcement:

This map is still technically hot off the presses, and quite an interesting little area to get around. Lots of interesting historical spots. The format will have a fun new twist... you'll need a digital camera of some sort to "officially" participate; although you don't need a digital camera to go out on the map and train. Since digital photos are timestamped, it's kind of like epunching. You'll be given a map with the checkpoint circles - you may either take them in the suggested order if you're more interested in the competitive training, or in any order if you are wanting to do your own thing. Either way, you'll have to take pictures of each checkpoint feature. If you're going for some kind of result, that is. The result can be an efficient time (although it is lighter traffic after 6:00 in the evening, do mind the cars.) Or, choose to participate in the style category, where you frame your shots in the evening twilight and make each place look magical. Or, "compete" in both arenas - speed and style - if you wish. When you return to the meeting site, we'll download your photos with my multi-format card reader. I'm going to try and get them projected or displayed somehow at the meeting site.

Cheapie keychain digital camera:

Courses open 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M., cost is $5, socializing at the meeting site. A meeting site is being determined and expect an update here the week of the event.


Downtown Oakland is most accessible from Interstate 880 / Interstate 980 / Highway 24, and somewhat so by Interstate 580. Interstates 880 and 980 (and 580, coming from San Francisco) have exits that allow you to get to Broadway. From 10th St. and Broadway, head west (back towards 980) and turn left after one block onto Washington. If you turn in the first parking lot on the left, bear left to go down into the parking garage which belongs to the Pacific Coast Brewing Company. The address is 906 Washington St., Oakland, 94607.

Public Transit:

From 12th St. BART or any of the AC Transit buses that run through downtown Oakland, walk a few blocks on Broadway to the corner of 10th and Broadway; turn right (west) and walk a block to Washington, turn left, and the Pacific Coast Brewing Company is located at 906 Washington St., Oakland, 94607.

Event Contact: Rex, 5 1 0 - 6 8 1 - 6 1 8 1,