Golden Gate Park training, San Francisco 7/28/2009

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It was a dusky and foggy evening, and many a navigator surfaced to hop around the park. Good times were had careening about the park and avoiding the hucks of the disc golfers. Turns out they have a tournament every Tuesday night and stage it also from Marx Meadow.

A fair number showed up for the 7:00ish mass start, and the crazy "goat" style format did lead to some follies on the course. The small flags made it a bit challenging in some places too. Strange things were happening around the fishing ponds. Usually, people just fish there.

A couple of us headed to the "Underdog" at 19th and Irving afterwards for tacos and suds. A nice finish to a fun evening in San Francisco.

Thank You

to Jen Klafin, Mikkel Conradi, Wayne Caplinger and Bronwyn, Donato Polignone, Ben Legg, and Dane Shannon for picking up the flags!


Not everyone chose to report results, so here are the ones I gathered-

1. Ben Legg 35:14
2. Mikkel Conradi 35:33
3. Steve Gregg 40:14
4. Dennis Wilkinson 42:26
5. Lauren Knight 51:00
6. Dane Shannon 53:48
7. Donato Polignone 53:50
8. Geoffrey Sears 62:39
9. Brian Zambrano & Kristi Smith 75:00
10. Zach Aho & Anja Scholze 91:09