Lakeside Grand Prix 8/16/2009

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Happy birthday terraloco! A mighty thanks to all who attended and made it a fun time. We had visitors passing through from Germany and a friend from Finland who just arrived for a year at U.C. Berkeley researching in the business school. And participants of all ages. A new group of orienteers came from U.C. Davis, and they are in the process of forming an orienteering club on the Davis campus. I look forward to orienteering there someday!

Many folks opted for the recreational fun of the course, doing it when and how they felt like doing it... others opted for the thrill of the chase. I was happy to see that with the twists and tricks in the course that there were a few lead and position changes - even some back and forth. The event center was in the thick of the action, and peering far in any direction, you could make out tiny runners on the horizon between the trees.

And the conditions were brilliant. Slightly warm, but not hot, and a vibrant scene in the park. Lakeside is just a nice spot. Lots of folks doing their thing in the park, but not minding us or stealing our checkpoints. It's Oakland.

Thank You

Setup, point: Jim Fish, Judy Koehler
Control Pickup: Steve Gregg, Sami Torstila, Mikkel Conradi
Takedown: Sami Torstila, Jim Fish


Recreational, 27 checkpoints, 3.7 km, 30 m climb

1. Connors / Zischka 27:00
2. UC Davis women's team 33:45
3. Geoffrey Sears 33:45
4. Jim Fish 34:00
5. Alex Solomatnikov 37:00
6. Zischka, Connors family 69:00
7. Angela Hunter 72:00

Grand Prix Chase, 27 checkpoints, 3.7 km, 30 m climb after 3 checkpoint, 0.4 km prologue

Note: chase results are ordered according to when participants finished; the elapsed times also happen to match the order of finish.

1. Mikkel Conradi 18:25
2. Steve Gregg 20:06
3. Sami Torstila 21:42
4. Jason Lorenz 24:40
5. Wayne Caplinger 25:57
6. Steve Haas 25:59
7. Kathrin Trappe 26:08
8. Evan Custer 26:27
9. Vicki Woolworth 34:52
10. Judy Koehler 53:15

Prologue, 3 checkpoints, 400 m, used to determine chase start order

1. Mikkel Conradi 93 seconds
2. Steve Gregg 110 seconds
3. Wayne Caplinger 118 seconds
4. Sami Torstila 122 seconds
5. Jason Lorenz 125 seconds
6. Steve Haas 138 seconds
7. Kathrin Trappe 168 seconds
8. Evan Custer 168 seconds
9. Vicki Woolworth 186 seconds
10. Judy Koehler 355 seconds