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10:00 to 2:00 on Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Alhambra entrance, Briones Regional Park, Martinez, CA

The courses are all near each other. The Contour line course finishes near the Partner course start; the Partner course finishes near the Downhill course start. Pick and choose, decide on the go what you want.

Cost: $12 adults, $7 juniors for everything. ($2 discount for registering online at - pay at the event.)

Gear: Compass, spiked or cleated shoes, long pants, gaiters recommended. Park has moderate poison oak.

Directions: Take the Pleasant Hill Rd. exit off Highway 24 in Lafayette. Go north on Pleasant Hill Rd for 0.8 mile, and turn left onto Reliez Valley Rd. Stay on Reliez Valley Rd for 4.6 miles. Turn left at the large, brown sign that says Alhambra Creek Valley Staging Area of Briones Regional Park. It is 0.8 mile to the parking kiosk.

After paying a $5 parking fee and parking, look for a sign at the end of the parking lot and follow the directions to the registration table nearby. Carpooling encouraged!

Contact: Rex Winterbottom,, 5 1 0 . 6 8 1 . 6 1 8 1

Upcoming terraloco trainings, pending final approval from East Bay Regional Parks District:
Saturday, November 1: Bishop Ranch, San Ramon (
runnable oak woodland mixed with grassy areas)
Saturday, December 6: Morgan Territory, Livermore (
west side of road, different area than Sunday’s BAOC event)

More details posted before the event date at!

Training Courses

  1. 1.Trail - basic navigation, find features on trail network, 1.5 km

  2. 2.Contour line - follow the mapped line with no marked controls, and mark the controls you see on the map, 1.0 km

  3. 3.Partner - one course, two maps, each has half the controls. Keep map contact as you’re led by partner, switch at each control. Or do solo, one map! 1.4 km

  4. 4.Downhill - high speed, sprint-style quick decision making without the huff and puff, 1.5 km