Egg Dash @ Miller Knox Regional Shoreline 4/11/2009

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The remarkable thing about this park: from a central spot, you can see all the way around the park, peering in any direction - I could see people at about half of the control sites on each course. A great place for spectating, and the weather was perfect for running around. Clear, sunny, a tad brisk, but not cold when sitting or standing around.

Our hangout spot was the Lagoon View picnic area. Aside from the small group of 8 competing in the Egg Dash sprint tournament, it was a very low key event - show up, grab a map, do the courses, time yourself, do it your way.

The Egg Hunt was enjoyed by all ages. I made it mandatory for the Egg Dash sprinters - I needed to get some idea of how to seed them for the sprint tournament... the 350 m course on a 1:2000 scale map took most people about 2 minutes to complete. Instead of punching, participants had to grab a small chocolate easter egg candy at each, and the four control locations each had a different colored wrapper on the candy. Some of the younger hunters like Gabija and Karina did the course several times to get more candy.

The Egg Dash was quite a spectacle - you could see them running around for much of it. I envision doing a larger scale event here where you can see people running all over and around the lagoon. For the tournament, participants did two rounds in small groups of four and the final round head to head. Ben Legg held on to win it all for the men's open category and Steve Haas almost caught him, winning the men's masters category. Unfortunately, we didn't have any women entrants in the Egg Dash.

I asked participants for feedback on how to improve this sprint tournament. Some asked for less running, actually. Or have it spread out over a longer time. Since there was a lot of following, forking or butterfly looping was suggested as well. I actually wanted to do this, but being consumed with producing the map in time for the event, didn't have the luxury of developing this as well. I apologize for leaving off the fence at the edge of the map which affected some in the first stage of the tournament.

Folks who didn't participate in the tournament had the same map with the same 3 courses. Some did all three in a row as a motala, and finished in about 30 minutes.

Ev and Jean Beuerman dropped by with the new BAOC uniforms, and some folks like Jim Fish and Jay Hann went out on the courses with them. They look sharp!

Thank you to Steve Haas and Andrejus Masalkovas for picking up the controls.

Results - "Tour de Knox," 3 loops, 4.6 km

1. Bruce Wolfe 31:24

I didn't get complete results or any results from others, so if you'd like to include yours here, notify me and I will update this page!

Results - Egg Dash, 3 loops, 4.6 km

1. Ben Legg
2. Steve Haas
3. Dennis Wildfogel
4. Gavin Wyatt-Mair
5. Gary Kraght
6. Wayne Caplinger
7. Jim Fish
(George Minarik participated, but dropped out before the last round due to an injury.)

Egg Dash Round 1 - Egg Hunt, 0.4 km, 4 controls

1. Ben Legg 1:34
2. Dennis Wildfogel 1:58
3. George Minarik 2:02
4. Wayne Caplinger 2:14
5. Gary Kraght 2:24
6. Gavin Wyatt-Mair 2:30
7. Steve Haas 2:42
8. Jim Fish 3:22

Egg Dash Round 2 - South Course, 1.5 km, 8 controls

1. Steve Haas 9:36
2. Ben Legg 10:36
3. Gavin Wyatt-Mair 11:15
4. Dennis Wildfogel 11:39
5. Gary Kraght 11:47
6. Wayne Caplinger 11:47
7. George Minarik 13:47
8. Jim Fish 14:25

Egg Dash Round 3 - North Course, 1.7 km, 8 controls

1. Ben Legg 9:45
2. Steve Haas 9:48
3. Dennis Wildfogel 11:03
4. George Minarik 12:24
5. Gavin Wyatt-Mair 12:30
6. Wayne Caplinger 13:41
7. Gary Kraght 15:17
8. Jim Fish 17:17

Egg Dash Round 4 - Trailer Course, 1.4 km, 7 controls

1. Ben Legg 6:05
2. Steve Haas 6:39
3. Dennis Wildfogel 6:59
4. Gavin Wyatt-Mair 7:55
5. Gary Kraght 8:47
6. Wayne Caplinger 8:57
7. Jim Fish 11:48

Sprint Series points

Only rounds 3 and 4 are included, because of the unmapped fence at the edge of the map that gave some problems on the second round.

1. Ben Legg 15:50
2. Steve Haas 16:27
3. Dennis Wildfogel 18:02
4. Gavin Wyatt-Mair 20:25
5. Wayne Caplinger 22:38
6. Gary Kraght 24:04
7. Jim Fish 29:05